Heritage International Transport Ltd  
Heritage International Transport Ltd

Company History

In May 1996, Kevin King and Neville Brooker seized the opportunity to build upon a long standing business relationship and join forces to create Heritage International Transport Ltd. Kevin and Neville had seen a clear opening in the market place to set new standards for professional, top quality service levels in European refrigerated transport.

It was a new era in food safety, traceability and out-sourced cold stores. It was a time of new targets for measuring supply chain performance and the perfect moment for Kevin and Neville to make their mark with their ‘quality first’ approach. Even the Heritage livery was specially chosen, way back in 1999, to represent and enhance this professional attitude. An image which is proudly emblazoned across all our vehicles and is seen at leading food suppliers and retailers every day as Heritage trailers make their regular collections and deliveries.

Starting with just four trailers, Kevin and Neville soon found that demand for the Heritage service rapidly increased. A demand fuelled by a reputation for operational reliability and robust administrative processes. Even in those early days a long term trailer renewal programme with TIP was introduced, the benefits of which are still evident today as Heritage can easily scale up to manage seasonal demand.

The strict operating rules applied by Heritage today can be traced back to those early decisions to focus on quality and reliability. Operating rules which have ensured that the highest standards of care and performance are routine daily events, trusted by clients from May 1996 through to the present day.


On day one, Kevin and Neville set out an ambitious 10 year business plan for Heritage International. With the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff, combined with the support and loyalty of many customers, all targets were surpassed after only four years. Needless to say, new objectives were set, which put in place a process of constant revision and adaptation to meet new operational challenges and improve customer service.

In the summer of 2010 Neville decided to re-adjust his work / life balance and scaled back his full time commitment. Kevin took full ownership of the company and we now look forward to a new era, built upon the solid foundations that were laid all those years ago.

And so, to all those people and organisations who have supported Heritage International from May 1996 to the present day, our sincere and grateful thanks.